QR Code for your business

To comply with Malaysia Government Conditional MCO SOP, your customers can now scan your QR Code to register their info, and get ticket number in the QUEUE.

Free and Easy Check-in

Your customer scan your QR Code to check-in and get their ticket number in the QUEUE. No more pen and paper.

Best of all, it's FREE to use!

  • Easy to use
    No download is required ❌ Your customers just scan your QR Code to check-in
  • Safer queueing
    Better waiting experience. Say goodbye to long queue under the hot sun 🥵
  • Multi-languages
    Made for Malaysian like you 🇲🇾 Support English, Bahasa and 中文

How to Get Started?

There are only 4 simple steps you need to start using GCN for your business

  • Sign up a FREE account
  • Download and print out QR Code
  • Display QR Code at your shop entrance
  • Easy access to customers visit report

Customer Check-in

Your customers just need to scan the QR Code that is display at your shop entrance using their smartphones.
No more PEN & PAPER to write down their name, phone number and body temperature.

No hardware, download, nor installation is required.

Goodbye Long Queue

No more LOOOONG queue under the hot sun.
Your customer can get their ticket number through the QR Code. 

Everyone know exactly how many people are ahead in the queue. Anytime, anywhere.

Everything is on your smartphone.

Digital Catalog

Say GOODBYE to your printed menu, namecard, banner, brochure & leaftlet, etc!
Your customers can now view your catalog by scanning your QR Code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask us anything. We've got your back!